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  • What does Nova Mundi Mean?
    Nova Mundi, basically means NEW WORLD, although there are multiple translations: Love of the world I am the master of the world The aim of Nova Mundi is to explore new perceptions of the same world we share (Gaining exclusive access to unique and interesting places and people) through TV, Film and other creative platforms.
  • Why did you set up Nova Mundi?
    Marc De Launay and Daniel-John Williams met at the networking event @ Fulwell73 in Sunderland. Fulwell 73, set up in 2005 by lifelong friends Ben Winston, Leo Pearlman, Ben Turner and Gabe Turner, strives to make top-quality television and film productions. In January 2017 it was announced that James Corden would be joining the company with immediate effect as a fifth full partner. Anyway, back to Nova Mundi.... A business card exchange at the Fulwell73 event, a few emails later and several breakfast meetings later (Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup for Marc and usually a full English for Daniel) the plan was born, to collaborate on one or two ideas. However, after several in depth discussions about their vision for the North East and what they wanted to achieve over the next five to ten years they realised, it made more sense to lock heads and join forces. Here we are.
  • What kinds of ideas are you looking for?
    Nova Mundi are interested in telling stories that are unique in character or access (bubble). When we talk about bubbles, we are referring to unique groups, events, beliefs, practices, hobbies, jobs, hobbyist activities with interesting, undiscovered or under represented people. We recognise that we all share common human qualities and are driven by similar desires, but then we also have worlds that are so different from one another. Some people love animals, whilst others have allergies. Some people enjoy knitting, others skydiving and what we want, is to find these wonderful characters in worlds we know nothing about. We want to be inspired by the worlds people create for themselves and the people in their bubbles. Television drama, comedy, Fact Ent, Documentary, Short film, feature film (Scripted and non scripted projects) Podcasts and even Theatre.
  • Do you accept unsolicited materials?
    Nova Mundi would always suggest being careful about sending anyone unsolicited materials. However: We recognise and appreciate that your ideas are special and unique to you. So we would probably start off slowly. Meet up for a breakfast | cuppa to discuss more about you and your vision, then take it from there. We love meeting new people and more importantly, people who can welcome us into worlds we can learn from and get exclusive access too.
  • Will you consider working with less experienced contributors?
    Nova Mundi would like to support emerging contributors and crew. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, diverse and work from an equal opportunity standard. Get in touch, so we can have breakfast.
  • I am an actor, how do I apply for roles?
    All castings will be dealt with by DJW Talent or via casting directors we use to find talent for our projects. Keep an eye on our social medias @nova_mundi and NEWS section on the website to learn who is dealing with casting when they arise. Good luck!
  • Are you afraid of Alsatian Dogs?
    Daniel is not afraid of Alsation Dogs but is highly allergic. If you want to make a film, tv, fact ent, documentary about animals, Daniel would have to work from a distance or a full body suit! Marc is not afraid of Alsatians, unless it's chasing him, growling and snapping at his feet.
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