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Is The Prince of Rome Coming HOME?

We are excited to be entering into the final stages of filming.

We are meeting up with Chris Lloyd from the Northern Echo again on 24th February to talk about our feature documentary which focuses on Love, Passion and Pigeons.

During filming we eventually learn about the King of Rome a famous bird which then sent us on a detective story and a mission to bring the Prince of Rome (another famous bird) back from Derby to Prudoe - Which was his HOME.

This is a wonderful story and we are honoured to be covering it in our film.

Massive thank you to Kal and Chris for helping us with our research and a huge thank you to North East Screen as always for their continued support.

Pigeon Men (soon to be called HOME) will be liberated in 2023.

Executive Producers:

Daniel-John Williams and Marc de Launay


Daniel-John Williams


Ian Paine and Daniel-John Williams

DOP & Editor:

Ian Paine

Nova Mundi and DJW Films.

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