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Nova Mundi are proud to support Erbs Palsy Awareness Week

Daniel-John Williams, one of our company founders and executive producers knows all about the pain and struggles of Erbs Palsy, which is an avoidable birth injury. His little girl, Maddie-Bee was born September 13th 2016 and sustained the avoidable injury and as a family, Daniel and his partner Emma have had to adapt to this life long disability.

Six years on and finally, the light is shining a little brighter as the hospital trust and the people responsible for injuring Maddie-Bee have accepted liability and he won the case for her. Maddie will have this disability for the rest of her life and complications will continue to be an issue, however: Acceptance of liability means they finally have the answers they were seeking.

Now, Daniel-John wants to bring an awareness to everyone, about the effects and what to expect if this happens to other families.

1-1000 children are injured every single year and the numbers could be ZERO with the correct training and protocols in place.


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