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By Marc de Launay

TV Series

Vital Comics Flagship title under development as an action horror live action drama series.  


"A consistently high quality mix of action, story, drama and horror welded together with an oppressive atmosphere of persistent dread, feeling at once as classic as the monsters that star in it and as modern as the medium in which it’s written. Whatever is about to come next, it’ll be well worth watching out for".

Andrew Marshall, 10/10 Starburst Magazine

"An all round hit in my eyes, with a few nods to classic movies like Nosferatu, the bride of Frankenstein, some Omen and even some freaks filtering in for good measure".

10/10 G-Man, Comics 


"Recommended to fans of old school horror".

Ain’t it Cool News


"I really like this book".

Jim Starlin (Thanos)


Great concept; good characters; intriguing storyline; art and writing up to the task, terrific! – Ian Rankin (Rebus)


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